Thank you for your help finding a job for me. You worked above and beyond what other staffing agencies did and I really appreciate that. You did a great job and I think I'll be with [client] for a long time. Thank you!”

Heidi|AP Clerk, Orlando, FL

Jackie & Nicki,
I guess tomorrow will be my last day as a CFS employee.  I would like to thank you both for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to obtain meaningful full time employment that I thoroughly enjoy.
Working at your client has been a dream come true.  I would definitely recommend your client as a great place to work and CFS as a great place to get started on the path to a career.
Again I cannot thank you both enough for giving this opportunity.”

Mary |Accounting Analyst , Grand Rapids, MI

I was impressed with how quickly you understood what I was looking for in a company and matched not only my ability with the needs of the company, but also my style and personalities to their culture.  I will always recommend CFS.”

Virgil|Business Analyst, Portland, OR

CFS takes the time to understand their clients and works harder on fulfilling their needs rather than their own pocketbook. As a candidate, the CFS team finds the unique aspects about their client and work to place that candidate in a position that will be intrinsically rewarding and challenging. While some in the recruiting industry treat you as a number and hope you'll return in 12 months to redeem more fees, CFS takes a personal interest and uses both creativity and a long list of contacts to give the candidate options and a sense of confidence in finding the right position. Things do not change on the other side of the table. As an employer, the candidates that CFS presents are always exceptional. CFS has an uncanny ability to send the right candidates in for interviews. They do NOT waste the employer’s time by throwing random candidates at you and hoping that one will stick. Most importantly, I've found that CFS is not pushy and respects that you are the decision maker and they do not try to force the point. They are very good about keeping you in the loop with feedback, status and input as to the right candidates to fill an open position. On a personal and professional level, my company and I have been nothing but impressed with the services that our recruiter and the fantastic CFS team have provided. We feel guilty at times as if we might be underpaying them for such a great job! Thanks CFS!”

Scott|Controller, Houston, TX

I had a great experience with CFS in Canton Ohio. I just wish that there were more places to help those of us out that are fresh out of college. It's so hard to find that experience that everyone wants you to have.”

Stephanie|, Canton, OH

We appreciate you bringing [your candidate] to us as she has been a great addition to our team!  If all goes well our business will continue to grow at a fast pace so I'm sure we will be reaching out to you for help as it is needed.”

Eric |VP Finance, Controller, Boston, MA

Working with John and CFS was a wonderful experience.  I had to take a break in the process for a while, but he retained all of my information and called me some time later with the perfect opportunity for me. I was very appreciative of his follow up and attention to my interests, as I’ve found this to be lacking with some other recruiters that I’ve worked with.”

Carrie|Accounting Manager, Tampa, FL

Creative Financial Staffing has been a real asset to me.  I was laid off from my former position in mid-July and came in to see a Staffing Manager, Mike R. Three weeks later, I was placed in a temp-to-hire position with one of their clients.  It is a challenging position with a fair hourly wage. Their client proceeded to offer me the permanent position with a great salary and benefit package four months into the assignment. Mike and all the personnel at Creative Financial Staffing have been really nice and helpful in their dealings with me.  The position they found for me really is a great opportunity.  Out of all the employment agencies I applied with, CFS was the most efficient and professional. Thanks again.”

Todd|Accounting Manager, Fort Lauderdale, FL